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And now, in 2016, comes that percolating collection of pre-apocalyptic pop, the new EP, “Death Head Ukulele”, four tracks of simmering, ominous atmospherics, delving deeply into dark themes of supernatural visitation, murder most foul, pre-doomsday decay and brimstone belching locomotion.

• Ghost Hotel
• The Ukulele Killer
• Twilight Town
• The 12:05 to Hell

Four brand new songs showcasing Hank’s prodigious talent for hook, melody and lyrical invention, not to mention instrumental prowess. “Death Head Ukulele” is a genre-defying journey into a menacing maelstrom of emotion and dread, at the end of which is delivered an enlightened clarity of vision and purpose.

Along for the ride this time around is the unflappably cultivated Mr Lawry Goodwin, injecting pulse and personality into proceedings on electric and ukulele bass.
The whole shebang was meticulously mixed and mastered with uncommon taste and genius by Dave Highet at Yum Digital in Bangkok, Thailand.

The New EP is out!

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The tracks from my latest EP Death Head Ukulele

Track 1: Ghost Hotel

by Hank Vann | Death Head Ukulele

Track 2: The Ukulele Killer

by Hank Vann | Death Head Ukulele

Track 3: Twilight Town

by Hank Vann | Death Head Ukulele

Track 4: The 12:05 to Hell

by Hank Vann | Death Head Ukulele