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Since escaping the confines of the Australian migrant hostels of the early 1960’s, much like Harry Vanda, George Young, Jimmy Barnes et al, I have been scheming to avoid the pursuit of any conventional career path in order to placate that music bug that burrows deep down inside my bones. And I have, for the most part, succeeded, though perhaps not as grandly as those new Australians mentioned above.

An itinerant quest, it has found me slinging my guitar in locales as diverse as the wilds of Kalgoorlie WA, folk clubs in Sydney and Wollongong NSW, teahouses in Afghanistan, the psychedelic clubs and hash-haze cafes of Amsterdam, bars across the US of A and pubs, clubs, concert and festival stages the length and breadth of our beloved Australia.

The closest I’ve come to academic qualification is being elected to Writer/Full Member of the Australian Performance Rights Association back in 1986.

The most glittering prizes bestowed on me have been the Tamworth Star Maker Quest winners plaque of 1985 and a Tamworth Festival Golden Guitar Award for Best New Talent of 1986.

Dispatches from the coalface of contemporary CD composition have included that bold slice of Australian/Americana “UNLEVELLED”, the belligerent taunt of “PICK ME!”, the pertinent postulations of “PUNSLINGER” and the meandering menace of “MOONTAN”.

The New EP is out!

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